Storing A Little Smarter

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5 Steps To Preparing Your RV For Storage

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It is once again that time of year when many people are forced to put their RV into storage until the winter season gives way to warmer temperatures and better road conditions. If you are planning to store your RV this winter, you will want to complete the following five steps before placing it in storage.  Step #1: Remove All Food And Thoroughly Vaccum The Interior Even the smallest traces of food can attract pests to your RV during its time in storage. Read More»

4 Organizational Tools To Make Better Use Of Storage Units

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Many self-storage unit renters load up their units by lining the walls with tall items and making stacks of boxes or bins on the floor. But this is often neither the most effective organization nor the best way to maximize its space usage. Instead, consider these organizational tools you can add for ease, safety, and compactness.  1. Shelves Even if you aren’t storing any shelving units, consider adding some to the storage unit first. Read More»

Large Walk-In Closet In A Mess? 3 Tips To Get It Organized

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If you have a large walk-in closet that is a mess this can make it difficult to find clothes and other items you need. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get the closet organized so it looks much better. Keep reading for three tips so you can enjoy your closet once again. Keep, Throw Away, or Donate The first thing you should do is take everything out of the closet. Read More»

Self-Storage Facility Services And Options

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A self-storage facility can rent you a storage unit that takes care of your storage needs. They have so many for you to choose from, giving you a storage space that’s just right in size, as well as being good in other ways. You will learn more below about some storage unit features you can find to accommodate your needs even better. Also, there is information on some of the other self-storage services a facility may offer. Read More»