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4 Organizational Tools To Make Better Use Of Storage Units

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Many self-storage unit renters load up their units by lining the walls with tall items and making stacks of boxes or bins on the floor. But this is often neither the most effective organization nor the best way to maximize its space usage. Instead, consider these organizational tools you can add for ease, safety, and compactness. 

1. Shelves

Even if you aren't storing any shelving units, consider adding some to the storage unit first. Shelves are some of the best ways to keep smaller goods organized, accessible, and safely stacked. 

A simple set of shelves made for garages and sheds could be sufficient. It should be free-standing and stable. Alternatively, you might use short or tall shelving units from your home or office, or even DIY some using things like crates or bins. 

2. Clothing Racks

Rolling or hanging clothing racks are a great resource for more than just your seasonal clothing storage. You can hang just about anything from such a rack using a variety of straps, bags, hangers, or other tools. 

Use clothes racks to keep linens clean and damage-free. Hang bulky clothes that would take up more space in folded form. Or use it as an accessible way to keep clean and handy items you need to access frequently. 

3. Cabinets

Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes. Find ones that fit what you want to organize. File cabinets are great choices, as these are all-purpose, sturdy, and easy to find in used forms. You can store documents, or you might use one for tools, inventory, or fragile smaller items. And you can lock it for additional protection. 

4. Hooks and Bungee Cords

Talk with your storage facility about hanging items from the ceiling. Many units have walls and ceilings that facilitate hanging through the use of S-hooks and/or bungee cords which cause no damage to the unit. By taking advantage of the free vertical space, you maximize space usage. However, do follow the rules of the storage company regarding hanging things from their property. 

Where to Start

Which of these organizational tools could help you make the best use of your self-storage unit? Start by analyzing what you plan to store, how long you'll store it, and what specific worries you have. Then, talk with the experienced staff at a quality self-storage facility near you. With their guidance and these tips, you'll soon find the perfect combination for your unit.

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