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Self-Storage Facility Services And Options

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A self-storage facility can rent you a storage unit that takes care of your storage needs. They have so many for you to choose from, giving you a storage space that's just right in size, as well as being good in other ways. You will learn more below about some storage unit features you can find to accommodate your needs even better. Also, there is information on some of the other self-storage services a facility may offer. 

Different self-storage unit options

Along with choosing from many available sizes, you may also be able to choose the floor your unit is on. Many facilities have an upper level that offers units at discounted fees. There are also units that are located where it is easier to pull a trailer or vehicle in and out of, making them better for storing things like cars, boats, or RVs. You will be able to find units with climate control, offering you a comfortable unit, but more importantly one that protects the contents as well. 

Assistance with your move

Another service a lot of self-storage facilities can offer to you is to help you with your move. They can come to help you pack and move everything either into your new home or into the storage unit you are renting from them. You should ask about any discounts there may be for using the storage facility for both your moving and your storage needs. 

Access to moving and packing supplies

If you need help getting some of the things you need to move your belongings, then another one of the self-storage services many facilities offer is to supply you with these things. You may be able to rent different types of dollies and sometimes even the moving truck. You will also be able to buy things like sturdy moving boxes, labeled tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap rolls, and more. Another thing you will usually be able to get from the self-storage facility is new locks for the storage units. You can purchase your lock right from the facility, or you can provide one of your own. Either way, you will be the only one who keeps the keys to your own unit. 


When you have things that you need to store, you should consider a self-storage facility because they will give you your own space that's enclosed and locked, weatherproofed, possibly climate controlled, and monitored through different means of security.