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Can You Keep Business Files In A Storage Unit?

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Perhaps your small business is in the process of becoming a bigger business and you need secure storage while you move to larger premises. Maybe your home business needs to expand beyond the confines of your home and you're running out of space. Renting a storage unit for business purposes is quite common, but is it appropriate to store files at an off-site facility? 

Exercise Caution

Keeping files in a storage unit doesn't necessarily pose a major security risk, but some caution is essential. You have an obligation to yourself, your customers, or any other entity you have a working relationship with. Commercially sensitive information or customers' personal details should be safeguarded to the highest standards, and so some files should arguably not be kept in a storage unit. However, for most other files, a secure storage unit is ideally equipped to handle your overflow.

Climate Control

You need to choose the best storage facility for what must be stored. It can be advisable to choose a unit with climate control that regulates the humidity inside the space regardless of what the weather is doing outside. This preserves the physical documents, preventing the accumulation of mold or mildew. Given that air is not actively circulating inside the space, it's important to ensure that steps are taken to prevent your papers from becoming damaged while in storage.

A Secure Facility

Physical damage isn't the only thing your files must be protected from. The chance of theft may not be significant, but some diligence in choosing a secure facility is in your best interests. Research the type of security on offer at any potential storage facility. Is the lot fenced? If the storage unit is inside a larger structure, is there a staffed security desk? What kind of surveillance is in effect at the facility? Although it's impossible to guarantee that a storage unit won't be targeted by criminals, you want to choose a facility that actively discourages them.

Security Inside the Unit

You can add an extra layer of protection inside the unit too. Physical paper files should be stored as they ordinarily are in an office environment—inside a filing cabinet. The cabinet can be securely locked, and this not only keeps things orderly, but it goes one step further in protecting your important files.

It's not out of the ordinary to keep business files in a storage unit, but you need to be sensible about it. After all, these files represent your business interests and require due care.

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