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Storage Solutions For Clothing, Fabric, And Sewing Accessories That Will Keep Everything Protected And Organized

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If you are going to be storing clothing, fabric, and sewing accessories inside of a storage unit, prior to moving you your new home, the following tips will help you organize and preserve the items.

Compressed Storage Bags And Sealed Containers

Purchase clear storage bags that come with a vacuum machine that can be used to reduce air from each one. Fill the bags with various types of fabric before eliminating air with the vacuum. The airtight storage bags will prevent moisture from penetrating, which could damage fabric. Eliminating air will also reduce the amount of space that each bag will require.

Apply an adhesive label to the front of each bag and list the contents that are inside of all of them. Place the bags inside of large containers that have matching lids and stack them in a corner of the storage unit.

Labeled Containers With Compartments

Purchase a few plastic storage containers that have separate compartments inside of them. Place sewing accessories, such as buttons, thread, thimbles, and scissors in the compartments. Use a label maker or handwritten labels to identify what is in each compartment. Create a master list that includes information about the location of the accessories, as well. The list will come in handy once you have moved to your new home. You will be able to quickly locate each of the materials that you need by using it.

Garment Bags That Are Hung From Racks With Wheels

Hang up clothing on hangers and place them inside of garment bags that zip. Purchase a couple racks with wheels to hang the garment bags from. Line up the racks in an empty part of the storage unit. If you need to locate one of your possessions, prior to moving stored items from the unit, you will be able to access what is needed without delay by pushing the racks to another part of the unit so they are not blocking the other stored items.

On the day that you will be moving into your new residence, moving the clothing will be a breeze, since you can push all of it out of the unit and up the ramp of a moving truck.

By utilizing all of these tips, you will not need to worry about the condition of your belongings and you will be able to arrange each of them inside of your new home, when ready, with ease. Contact a company like East Valley Self Storage to learn more.