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Need To Store Your Garden Supplies? Ensure Item Preservation With A Few Basic Tips

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In some climates, you can garden throughout the year. But, if you live in a climate that prevents you from doing much yardwork for several months out of the year, you will have tools lying around for quite a while. Just leaving them in their current state for a long time can lead to unnecessary wear and tear. Also, you may not have a garage, shed, or enough room in either of these spaces for storing your garden supplies. Renting a storage unit and following tips on preservation will ensure you have tools for years to come.


If you do not have a varied tool collection, you are not going to get much done in your garden. Some important tools include a shovel, saw, loop hoe, scissors, and more. Cleaning your tools on a regular basis is a necessity if you want to keep them effective through the growth season. But, before you put them into storage, you want to go through an extra process of mixing sand and motor oil, and then dipping each tool inside. Moving the tool around will eliminate rust and apply a protective coating.


Pots and planters do not require as much preparation as garden tools, but they are still susceptible to damage. A common pot is terra cotta, which you will want to clean out completely before storing. Placing them upside down in a storage unit that is climate controlled will keep your pots in the best condition. Doing the same with plastic planters will keep you from unintentionally reducing their lifespan.

Garden Soil

Another thing that you may frequently use in the garden is garden soil. Although you might intend on putting it into the ground, this does not mean that you should just store it outside. Using a clean bin, you can seal up bags of soil and keep them in a climate controlled area to avoid moisture problems. This is helpful for when you are removing soil from pots and planters before you put them away. It prevents you from having to put the soil somewhere in your backyard or even getting rid of perfectly good soil.

These three categories of items are just some of the essentials that you will have in your garden. Keeping these possessions safe will allow you to resume most gardening work as soon as growth season arrives. But, you should not hesitate to use a self storage unit for storing your other supplies for optimal care.