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Preserving A Classic Car Between Car Show Events

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If you just started entering your classic car into competitive car show events, you will soon find out that keeping it in pristine condition gives you an upper edge in obtaining a prize. Many car show judges look for flaws on the vehicle body, taking off points toward the trophies so many are vying for. There are some steps you can take to preserve your car so it does not become subjected to the elements between car showings. Here are a few ideas you can use to safeguard your vehicle so all it will need is a quick shine before you enter it in its next event.

Invest In A Heavy-Duty Tarp

Placing a tarp over your vehicle will help protect the body from irregularities caused by the weather or sunlight. Car tarps can be purchased from an auto supply shop, the auto department in a home goods store, or via a supplier online. Make sure to purchase one long enough to be secured at the bottom of the car's frame so no metal is exposed. Many who have classic cars will buy a tarp made especially for their specific make and model so it fits like a glove. These tarps have a soft interior portion so they do not scratch the vehicle even if wind jostles them while the car is outdoors.

Place The Vehicle Inside To Keep Debris Away

Many class car owners will keep their vehicle in their garage so it is away from harsh elements. If you do not have garage space, you have the option in visiting a facility for car storage in your area to check out the conditions of the space allotted for renters. These units are usually large enough to fit your vehicle as well as any accessories you wish to keep nearby so you do not forget them when you leave for the car show. 

Some people cover their vehicle with a tarp inside a garage or storage facility for additional protection from any dust that may make its way inside the enclosure. You can utilize the space inside the garage or storage unit to clean your vehicle quickly before leaving for an event. This way when you arrive at the location the event is being held, you will only need to do a quick wipe down of the exterior to remove any debris accumulated during the drive. The best part of keeping a vehicle inside is that there is no risk of having your vehicle tampered with as it will be kept out of view and locked inside. 

Add A Layer Of Protection

To help protect your vehicle's body from premature wear, consider adding a finishing layer right to the body. Most older vehicles were painted with a single-stage paint, which is not resistant to fading. This paint will wear away easily if steps are not taken to ensure it stays intact. Newer paint is less likely to wear. Add a layer of base coat coloring over the existing paint job so you have the benefit of a resistant coating right in the coloring. This is usually done by a professional to ensure an even application. They will also be able to match the original color perfectly, giving your vehicle the benefit of a shiny new paint job that does its job in resisting wear.