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Keep Your Storage Volume Under Control With These Tips

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When you've made the decision to store some of your possessions in a self-storage facility near your home, one of the first decisions you'll need to make is what size of unit to rent. You can save money on your monthly storage fees by opting for a smaller-sized unit but only if you think such a space will suit your storage needs. While you always have the option of throwing out or selling some of the things that you'd otherwise store, there are several methods of efficiently packing your items into your available storage space.

Roll Clothing Instead Of Fold It

If you're planning to store clothing items -- perhaps things that you don't plan on wearing this season or items of a sentimental nature -- don't make the mistake of folding them and placing them in boxes or hanging them from a rod. Both of these methods are bulky ways of storing clothing that can quickly take up your overall storage volume. Instead, roll the clothing items tightly and place them in boxes or old suitcases. Rolling can not only help avoid excess wrinkles but also allow you to fit more items into a receptacle.

Take Furniture Items Apart

Sure, it might be easiest to simply stack furniture items into your storage space, but doing so is often an ineffective way to load your unit. Although it will take a little extra time, it's beneficial to partially disassemble furniture items and position them differently. For example, if you're storing a dining room table, removing the legs will allow you to set the tabletop on its edge along one of the walls of the unit. Just be sure to keep the mounting hardware handy -- one tip is to place it in a plastic bag and tape it to the underside of the furniture item.

Don't Leave Partially Empty Boxes

Although you might wish to only store similar items together in boxes, this can often mean that some of your stored boxes will be partially empty. This is an inefficient way to manage your storage space, so always make sure that every box is full to the top. Even if you have to add a couple of your rolled clothing items to the top of the box, you'll be making sure that you aren't wasting space.

Invest In Boxes That Stack

A minor investment in proper storage boxes before you move your items to the facility can help you keep your storage volume under control. Instead of using flimsy boxes that don't stack well, opt for new boxes that you'll be able to confidently stack to the ceiling. Many self-storage businesses sell boxes of this nature and it's money well-spent for ensuring that all your items will fit in your storage space.

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