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Three Ways To Cut Down On Your Storage Unit Fees

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When you're limited in space at home, renting a unit at a nearby self-storage facility provides you with more room for your possessions. Whether you use the space for seasonal decor items, mementos that you can't bring yourself to throw out or any other items that have been cluttering your home, everything will be available when you need it. If you honestly know that you could benefit from a storage solution but you're not keen on adding another monthly bill to your list of expenses, don't give up on your goal of obtaining a storage unit. With the right series of steps, you can often reduce your monthly rental fee and make the unit even more affordable.

Partner Up With Someone

One of the simplest ways to cut your monthly storage fee in half is to divide your storage unit space with a friend, family member or neighbor. While you'll have to decide which person's name will be on the rental contract, you can drastically reduce the rental fees that you'd otherwise be paying along by splitting the duties with someone you trust. Dividing the space inside the unit can be easy, too – something as simple as dividing the unit by placing a piece of masking tape along the floor can ensure that neither of you encroaches on the other's space.

Ask About Customer Referrals

If you live in an area with many self-storage facilities, you might find that several of these companies are constantly offering promotions to increase their business. When you're considering the facility from which you want to rent, it's beneficial to ask if there are any promotions concerning customer referrals. Many facilities will provide you with a financial incentive for referring a friend; if this friend signs up and rents a storage unit, you could receive a one-time price reduction on your rental fee.

Opt For None Of The Add-On Features

One of the benefits of self storage units is that you can have access to a variety of different storage features. If you plan to store bulky items and want a unit that you can approach with your vehicle, this is possible. Likewise, you can rent a unit with controllable temperature and humidity settings if you're storing sensitive items such as wooden furniture. If you've considered the goods that you'll be storing and you don't feel that you need these perks, simply decline them. By opting to rent a "standard" unit without these add-ons, you'll be keeping your fees low.