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Three Easy Methods Of Reducing Your Self-Storage Bill

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Whether you have inadequate storage space at home or you're simply looking to bring order to a cluttered garage or basement, your local self-storage facility can provide you with a solution. Renting a unit and filling it with items from your home keeps your living quarters neat and tidy while still providing you with nearby access to your possessions. Storage facilities offer rental spaces in a variety of sizes, which makes it possible for you to find a suitable unit to suit any budget. If you're looking to reduce your rental costs further, however, there are a number of simple methods you can pursue. Here are three ideas.

Make A Storage Partnership

If you want to lower the price of even the storage facility's least expensive unit, it's possible to meet your goal by forming a storage partnership. Check if any of your trusted neighbors has a current need for off-site storage and then evaluate how many square feet he or she might need. You might be able to rent a unit together and divide the space to suit your needs. The benefit to entering into this partnership with a trusted neighbor is that whenever one of you needs to travel to the facility to retrieve something, you can consider going together and save one of you a trip.

Engage With The Business On Social Media

Many self-storage businesses are seeking to increase their popularity in the community by building a presence on social media. If one of the businesses near your home is active in this regard, you can often get a discounted rate – it could be a one-time deal, such as your first month of storage for free, or a percentage off each month's storage fees. Many facilities will provide this discount to customers who print off a coupon posted on their social media page, while others offer discounts to those who share a social media post with their online contacts.

Stay Away From Add-On Features

A simple way of paying less for your monthly storage fees is to ensure that you aren't paying for unit features that you won't need. For example, higher-end storage units allow the customer to control the temperature and the humidity, making them valuable if you're storing wooden furniture or other climate-sensitive items. If you have something that can endure any average climate, however, you can look for a basic unit that simply provides the space without any of the additional features.

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