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Three Strategies to Help You Maximize Your Storage Unit Space

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Renting a storage unit provides you with extra space to house the items from your home that you don't consistently need. When you're considering the right size of unit to rent, one of the decisions you'll need to make is which of your possessions you wish to store. Selecting these items carefully and packing them smartly can help keep your costs down, as you'll be able to fit everything into a smaller unit. Here are three simple strategies that can help you maximize your storage unit space.

Don't Store What You Won't Need Again

Some people make the mistake of shipping off the items that they don't need -- but aren't yet ready to part with -- to their storage unit. Doing so will only take up valuable space in the unit. It's best to make the tough decisions about your things right away. Think of what you don't anticipate using again and evaluate the various ways of getting rid of it. While some items are destined for the landfill, others can be donated to local charities, given to family members or taken to a store that sells used household goods. By reducing the amount that you plan to store, you're off to a good start in terms of maximizing your space.

Pack Your Possessions Vertically

You'll greatly maximize your storage space inside the unit by stacking your items high along the walls. To do so, it's smart to use durable pieces such as furniture at ground level. Bookshelves, desks and dressers can all serve as valuable bottom pieces to your storage stacks. You can then stack boxes atop these sturdy foundations without fear of your possessions getting damaged. Don't be afraid to use the furniture itself as a storage space -- dresser and desk drawers, for example, can serve as a valuable way to add more to your unit without taking up extra space.

List Everything Clearly

Part of maximizing your storage space is packing smartly, which you can execute by listing the contents of each box and including this information on labels stuck to the outside of each box. This approach will help to increase the efficiency of each future visit to the storage unit; you won't fall into the trap of wasting precious time looking for a specific item. While cardboard boxes are cost-effective, you should also consider using some clear plastic bins for some of your items, as they'll allow you to clearly see what's inside.

If you have any questions about self storage units, consider contacting a local facility, such as Statewide Self Storage, to discuss your concerns.