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Preparing And Storing Your Summer Goods For The Winter

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Everything that you own for spring and summer use has cost you a pretty penny to buy. Fortunately, if you care for those items properly, you won't have to worry about investing in replacements for quite some time. One way to truly protect your summer goods is to store them in a storage unit for the winter. Below, you will find some tips for storing your summer goods so that they remain in good condition for next year and many years after.

Outdoor Furniture

This is probably one of the biggest investments in many cases. Outdoor furniture can last quite a few years if it is protected. Before you put it in storage:

Clean, dry and inspect all of the furniture.

Metal Furniture – Look for any areas where the paint has peeled, cracked or chipped. These areas need to be sanded, wiped clean, primed and painted with rust-inhibiting paint.

Wood Furniture – When you wash the wood furniture, the water should not get absorbed into the wood. It should bead up and roll off. If it doesn't, take the time to apply a coat of wood sealant to protect it from moisture absorption and wood rot.

Plastic/Vinyl Furniture – This shouldn't need anything more than a good cleaning. Failure to clean it thoroughly could result in discoloration by the time spring rolls around.

Cushions – Make sure that the cushions are all completely dry, place them in storage bins and toss a couple packets of silica gel in with them. The silica gel will absorb any moisture that finds its way into the bins and prevent mold and mildew growth.

Lawn Care Equipment

Lawn care equipment is another big investment.

Tools - Storing the shovels, rakes, spades and trowels for the winter can help you free-up some space in your garage or shed. These items simply need to be cleaned, dried and stored away.

Fuel Powered Equipment – The mowers, rototillers and weed-eaters won't be of much use over the winter. Don't drain the gas tanks completely. Instead, add a fuel additive that will help to prevent corrosion during the months they won't be used. Clean away all of the grass and dirt, paint areas on metal equipment with rust-inhibiting paint and store them away.

Storing all of your summer goods away in a storage unit will help preserve them and keep them all in good condition for many years longer than if you didn't store them properly. Contact a center like LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center for more help.