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2 Things To Remember When Using A Storage Unit During The Winter Months

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If you are planning to store some things away in a storage facility during the winter, you may think all you have to do is to put your things into a unit and lock it. However, there are some special considerations to keep in mind so that you are able to access your items safely and keep them protected. Here are some things to remember when using a storage unit in the winter.

Ask for a Climate-Controlled Unit

While many people remember to ask for climate control in the summer, they don't think that colder temperatures can affect their items. This is not true; paint, glass, artwork and electronics are just some of the items that can be damaged if exposed to cold temperatures over time. You might think of skipping climate control if you have insurance, but even if these belongings are insured, it is unlikely that your policy will cover damage from cold weather.

To make sure your property stays in good condition, be sure to ask for a climate-controlled unit that will not get too cold or hot. While you might end up spending more money to store your belongings, you can be confident that the environment won't affect any of your things.

Bring Cat Litter When You Visit

Most storage facilities make some arrangements to keep the area clear of ice and snow, but there is no guarantee that ice won't build up in front of your unit. An ice slick can make it difficult to get into your unit and to move things in and out without slipping. However, if you remember to bring some cat litter along with you when you head to your storage facility, you can avoid problems. Sprinkling cat litter on the ice is a cheap way to help make the ground less slippery so you can reach your belongings.

It is important to realize that even though the gritty texture of the cat litter will make it easier for you to walk in and out of your unit, there is still a chance you might fall. Be sure to move cautiously so you can avoid injuries.

Now that you have some ideas for storing your property in a storage unit in the winter, use these tips to keep everything and everyone safe. Ask your storage facility if there is anything else you should know when storing your belongings with them, or look online, such as, for more help.