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Getting Creative With Your Self Storage Unit

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Traditionally, storage units were designed for people to keep items they no longer have room for in their homes. But today's storage unit customer has come up with a variety of other uses that you may not have thought about. Here are some unique and sometimes unusual ways that customers can utilize a storage unit other than just for storing stuff.


For people who live in smaller homes or apartments, having enough space for your hobbies can seem impossible. Not everyone has a shed or garage where they can work on doing things they enjoy. Rent a storage unit and set up shop there. If it's temperature controlled, it can be a quiet and comfortable place for you to work. Whether it's making arts and crafts, building models, or even woodworking, think of the unit as your own private garage that you can visit any time you like. 


It may seem unusual to have an office in a storage unit, but more small business owners and even freelancers are using this option. As long as you don't have customers coming in and out or other employees, this can be an ideal place for you to get work done. It certainly costs less overhead than renting an office, and can provide you with a quiet place to concentrate and get things done. Ask storage companies if this is allowed, but if you are paying your monthly rent on time, most won't mind.

Band Practice

Bands have been using storage spaces for practice for years. It provides a place where they can get together, plug in, and jam out. For younger musicians, it's an ideal choice since they can play as long as they want without worrying about disturbing the neighbors. Newer storage units should have a few outlets inside so you can plug in that electric guitar, amplifier, or bass and get rocking.

A Place to Get Away

Maybe you're stressed, and don't feel like you escape the hustle and bustle of every day life. Set up your very own secret relaxing place inside of a storage unit. You can bring in some comfortable furniture, a reading lamp, several books, and a stereo to enjoy some music. Make it your own personal oasis where you can go when you simply need to be alone and enjoy quality "me" time. You can even add a few decorations on the walls to make it personalized, and you'll have a nice simple retreat to call you own.

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